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Here at Modern Day Duke, we get questions from our customers about beard care, tattoo care and shaving, so we thought we'd include them here for you to check out!


Beard Care

What beard care products do i need?

The beard care products that are right for you depend partially on personal preference.

We’d suggest most people need a specially formulated Beard Wash/Shampoo rather than just using the shampoo they use to wash your hair. This is because when you wash your beard you need to be even more careful not the strip out the sebum (natural oil), as beard hair can often be more prone to being wiry and dried out than the hair on our heads. A specially formulated Beard Shampoo will be gentler on your beard and help keep it healthy and more manageable.

We’d also suggest that most people will need a beard oil, beard balm or both if prefered. Beard Oil’s should be applied after the shower to lock in moisture and/or at night for a deeper conditioning treatment. Beard Balms also condition, and tend to be less “oily” in texture plus have the added benefit of beeswax for added sculpting and styling ability.

Finally, in order to trim your beard, you’ll want a good beard grooming set that includes a beard comb and beard brush. These will help you detangle your beard, allow you to accurately trim your beard and avoid split ends, all of these things are crucial for healthy beard growth. Of course, don’t forget a beard trimmer and a good pair of barber scissors!

What is the best beard care product for me?

When choosing the right product for you, you’ll want to consider your beard goals and hair type.

Do you want to promote healthy even growth or are you a beginner at growing a thick beard? In which case you may want to consider our Superior Beard Growth Oil, which is a natural oil to help encourage strong healthy growth. Great for short beards, or long beards that could do with being filled out or volumised.

Do you want to help reduce spots or have sensitive skin? Consider our Premium Beard Oil and Classic Beard Balm, both rich in natural antibacterial ingredients including lime and cedarwood.

If you have naturally oily skin or facial hair, you may prefer a beard balm to a beard oil.

Do you want a sculpted beard that looks and smells like you just stepped off a Milan catwalk? Try our Deluxe Beard Balm, an alcohol based formula which is long lasting and is infused with Italian Bergamot and Blackcurrant!

Do you want to soften and condition your beard to make it more manageable? We’d suggest a combination of our Luxurious Beard Wash and one of our Beard Oils. This will help cleanse your beard without stripping away the natural oils and give a deep conditioning treatment to make your beard softer and kissably soft! This combination is ideally for naturally coarse and curly facial hair.



How to take care of my beard?

To take care of your beard, our top tips for beard maintenance are;

  1. Condition your beard daily with a beard oil or beard balm.
  2. Use a beard specific wash or shampoo - not the shampoo you use on your head!
  3. Brush your beard daily to detangle, brush out any dirt and evenly distribute your beard oil.
  4. Trim your beard regularly to prevent split ends.

How to use beard care products?

How to use Beard Oil;

Apply a few drops and gently massage into your beard evenly each morning and night for optimum results, especially after a shower to lock in moisture. Start at the root of your beard and work your way down.


How to use Beard Balm

Massage between fingers and thumbs , then rub into your beard from root to tip. Apply in the morning and leave in, reapplying throughout the day if necessary.


How to use Beard Shampoo

Apply a few pumps into your hand and create a lather before gently massaging into your beard. Rinse and repeat daily.

Do you need a beard brush?

Here are our top reasons you need to pick up your beard brush today and start brushing.


  • Increase hair health and reduce split ends
  • When you pick up a high quality boar brush, you’ll notice the bristles are slightly different lengths, they are sturdy without being too harsh on your skin and facial hair. This makes a boar bristle beard brush perfectly designed to reach between the hairs in your beard and allow you to tame your mane without having to go over it repeatedly. This means you’ll get less split ends and a healthier beard!

  • Distribute natural and conditioning oils evenly
  • A boar bristle brush with firm different length bristles, will naturally work to distribute both your beards own natural oils (sebum) and your Modern Day Duke Beard Oil. Evenly distributing your beard oils from root to tip will help reduce split ends, evenly condition your beard and lock in moisture.

  • Stimulate growth
  • By brushing regularly, your beard brush will help stimulate your beard hair follicles encouraging consistent healthy growth.

  • Reduce ingrown hairs
  • If your challenge is taming a royally curly beard, then you’ll know the difficulties of dealing with ingrown hairs, especially when your beard is shorter. A beard brush which gets right down to your skin will help gently massage and work out those ingrown hairs, while keeping those longer hairs in order to prevent more ingrown hairs in the future.

  • Keep it clean
  • Throughout the day, your beard can get a bit dirty. Brushing it daily helps to remove unwanted grime and dirt, keeping your beard nice and clean.

  • Train your beard hair
  • That look when you wake up in the morning and your beard hairs are sticking out in every direction? Not ideal right? Well, that’s where a beard brush comes in handy, By continuously brushing your beard in the same direction, you’ll train your hair to grow in that direction too. That means a better looking, sculpted beard.


    When it comes to beard brushes, Modern Day Duke partners with only the best! Founded in 1777, Kent Brushes are renowned for their outstanding reputation and remarkable title as the world's oldest hairbrush manufacturer. Their success has been built upon a rich British heritage as well as their high-quality service and haircare expertise. Just like all our Modern Day Duke products, their products are made in the UK from high quality products.

    What does beard oil do?

    1. It hydrates and moisturises your facial hair

    That means your beard will be less frizzy, less wiry and generally smoother, that means a beard that looks more tamed and well groomed. This is why a top beardie tip is to apply your beard oil after a shower to lock in moisture!

    (Side note...if you’re washing your beard with normal shampoo you may want to think again and use something specially formulated for your beard like our Luxurious Beard Shampoo)


    1. It softens your beard

    Ever had a lady friend complain that your beard was “scratchy” and that it irritated her skin? Well again, beard oil is here to help friend. Top quality beard oils like our Modern Day Duke Superior Beard Growth Oil use high quality moisture rich natural oils such as Argan Oil to condition and soften your beard, making it kissably soft.


    1. It helps reduce irritation and itchiness

    A common complaint of many man when they start growing a beard is the irritation and general itchiness that can occur as a side-effect. Formulated with cedarwood and lime, our Modern Day Duke Premium Beard Oil uses natural essential oils and ingredients to act as a naturally antibacterial and soothing agent to reduce itchiness.


    1. It helps keep your beard healthy AND it smells great!

    With stronger, healthier, softer facial hair you think it can’t get much more perfect right?! Well our Beard Oils have the added benefit of smelling amazing too!
    Go fresh with our cedarwood and lime infused Premium Beard Oil, or go woody and seductive with our Superior Beard Growth Oil - either way your nose will thank you later.


    How to trim a long beard?

    1. Gather the right tools for the job. A workman is only as good as his tools afterall!

               You’ll need;

    • An electric beard trimmer
    • A sharp pair of barber scissors
    • A mirror
    • A beard and moustache comb
    • Modern Day Duke Beard Oil or Beard Balm
    • Modern Day Duke Luxury Shaving Cream and Razor (optional)
    1.  To begin, comb your beard focusing on getting any wayward hairs into place. Work out any tangles and pay special attention to any hairs that just won’t go into place, you’ll be coming back to those later. Make sure you also comb your moustache and around the jawline.
    1. Once you’re satisfied that you’ve detangled all the hairs and combed your beard thoroughly, it’s time to pick up the electric beard trimmer. Using your comb as a guide for how much hair you want to trim, start from the outside and lightly trim your beard, working your way in.  Remember you can always take off more later, so start with removing less hair and gradually increase it until you have the desired length. Still using the comb to ensure it is even, move towards the centre of your beard. Once you reach the centre repeat on the other side.
    1. For your cheeks and neckline, use the same guard setting on the electric beard trimmer as your barber uses for the sides of your hair for a seamless blended look. Use your Modern Day Duke Shaving Cream and razor for any areas you want to be completely hairless.
    1. Comb through your beard once more, and using your barber scissors trim and stray hairs that may have escaped the electric trimmer. Finally, apply your Modern Day Duke Beard Oil or Beard Balm to condition and nourish your beard. Give it a final comb through for good measure and your done! A truly legendary beard to be proud of.


    Section 2: Shave

    How to reduce shaving rash/ Top tips for reducing shaving rash and razor burn

  • 1. Prep work - soften your facial hair
  • Ideally using a specially formulated shaving oil, although you can substitute baby oil if needs be. Preparing your facial hair by softening it will decrease drag on the individual hairs and help your razor glide through the hairs without tugging at your skin.

    2. Keep your razor in good condition

    Change your razor, or blades, frequently. It should not be allowed to get blunt. This will result in both it tugging on your facial hair and you also having to apply extra pressure to get a close enough shave.

    3. Use a shaving cream and shaving brush

    A good quality shaving cream like Modern Day Duke Luxurious Shaving Cream will moisturise and hydrate your facial hair and your skin underneath. Using a shaving bowl and brush, whip it up into a lather and apply to your face. It will help form a protective barrier on the skin and reduce shaving friction.

    4. Don’t press too hard

    A common cause of shaving rash is simply that you are pressing too hard with your razor on to your delicate skin. Your razor should be sharp enough that you do not need to apply excess pressure in order to get a close shave.

    5. Don’t go over the same area more than once

    Another common mistake is trying to get a closer shave by continuing to go over the same area with your razor. This is also one of the most prevalent causes of shaving burn. If you have a sharp razor, prepared facial hair and a good shaving cream, that should be enough to ensure a close shave and you should not need to go over the same area again.

     6. Aftercare

    Your final step to getting a clean shave without shaving rash or burn is to apply an aftershave lotion or balm. This will soothe any irritation and close your pores to avoid them becoming clogged.


    Top tips for the best shave

    The perfect shave makes the difference between a look that’s suave and clean and one that’s patchy, bumpy and reminds you of your first shave as a teenager.
    Want to shave like a real man? Here are our top 5 tips;
    1. Start with a clean canvas
    Always wash your face before a shave. This makes sure the hairs are clean and soft and washes away any dirt or built up dead skin cells.
    2. Use the right equipment
    Don’t skimp when it comes to using the right equipment, a workman is only as good as his tools after all. A good razor, shaving bowl, shaving brush and shaving cream are all critical for optimum results. Make sure you look after them all and keep them in good condition.
    3. Take your time
    You’re crafting you look. This is something you should spend time perfecting, not rush so that you can run out of the house in the morning just in time for work. Allocate yourself some time to enjoy the shave - that awesome jawline of yours is worth it.
    4. Shave with the grain & repeat for a closer shave
    Shaving in the direction in which your hair grows will help limit irritation. Use light, short strokes and repeat if necessary for a closer shave.
    5. Don’t forget your aftercare
    Prepare your freshly shaved face to face the day! Do this by by moisturising and using your chosen aftershave to keep your skin soft and form a protective barrier.

    What can I use to stop my tattoo discolouring?

    Tattoo's look great when they're first inked but many people worry about the colour fading over time. To help stop that from happening, you should use a protective balm like our Modern Day Duke Tattoo Balm and regularly apply SPF if your tattoos are likely to be in the sun. 


    How can I keep a new tattoo moisturised?

    Keeping a tattoo moisturised is important to help the healing process, our Modern Day Duke tattoo lotion contains natural moisturisers such as Shea Butter, Almond and Vitamin E oil to keep your skin soft and smooth, it absorbs very quickly too.


    How can I improve the look of an old tattoo? 

    Tattoos look great when they're first inked, but we all know that they don't look their best forever. Our tattoo aftercare products (both balm and lotion) are great for helping restore the look of old tattoos and keeping new tattoos looking better for longer. 

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