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About Modern Day Duke

My name is Tony, Co-Founder of Modern Day Duke - Alternative male grooming for the man of today.

Pure decadence for your beard, the shave of your life and the ultimate aftercare for your tattoos.

Created by people who are passionate about protecting your ink and keeping you beard soft yet strong and irritation free shaving.

We exist to bring you the finest beard, shaving and tattoo care products, all our products are lovingly crafted right here in the UK and are 100% natural.

Modern Day Duke is dedicated to bringing you the best for your beard and tattoos, we believe that every beard and every tattoo has a story and meaning, it shows others who we are and what we stand for. We want shaving to be enjoyable and make your skin super soft not bumpy and irritated.

We think our ink deserves only the best, and nothing is worth protecting more! That's why Modern Day Duke Tattoo Products were designed to make sure your art looks as awesome as you envisaged it to be in years and years to come.

A beard is the ultimate statement of masculinity, it shows dedication, patience and commitment, Modern Day Duke beard products have been developed to inspire men to grow and embrace their beards. 

Whatever your look we've got you covered with 100% UK made natural products

If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a email

Tony - Modern Day Duke

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