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Why you should be using a beard brush

If you’re a passionate beardie and don’t yet have a good quality beard brush, this one is for you! Here are our top reasons you need to pick up your beard brush today and start brushing.

  • Increase hair health and reduce split ends
  • When you pick up a high quality boar brush, you’ll notice the bristles are slightly different lengths, they are sturdy without being too harsh on your skin and facial hair. This makes a boar bristle beard brush perfectly designed to reach between the hairs in your beard and allow you to tame your mane without having to go over it repeatedly. This means you’ll get less split ends and a healthier beard!

  • Distribute natural and conditioning oils evenly
  • A boar bristle brush with firm different length bristles, will naturally work to distribute both your beards own natural oils (sebum) and your Modern Day Duke Beard Oil. Evenly distributing your beard oils from root to tip will help reduce split ends, evenly condition your beard and lock in moisture.

  • Stimulate growth
  • By brushing regularly, your beard brush will help stimulate your beard hair follicles encouraging consistent healthy growth.


  • Reduce ingrown hairs
  • If your challenge is taming a royally curly beard, then you’ll know the difficulties of dealing with ingrown hairs, especially when your beard is shorter. A beard brush which gets right down to your skin will help gently massage and work out those ingrown hairs, while keeping those longer hairs in order to prevent more ingrown hairs in the future.

  • Keep it clean
  • Throughout the day, your beard can get a bit dirty. Brushing it daily helps to remove unwanted grime and dirt, keeping your beard nice and clean.

  • Train your beard hair
  • That look when you wake up in the morning and your beard hairs are sticking out in every direction? Not ideal right? Well, that’s where a beard brush comes in handy, By continuously brushing your beard in the same direction, you’ll train your hair to grow in that direction too. That means a better looking, sculpted beard.

    When it comes to beard brushes, Modern Day Duke partners with only the best! Founded in 1777, Kent Brushes are renowned for their outstanding reputation and remarkable title as the world's oldest hairbrush manufacturer. Their success has been built upon a rich British heritage as well as their high-quality service and haircare expertise. Just like all our Modern Day Duke products, their products are made in the UK from high quality products.

    Check out the Kent Handmade Beard Brush and Kent Monster Beard Brush we have in stock today!

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