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What does Beard Oil do?

What does Beard Oil do? A common question asked by non-beardies or those new to the beardie world! Even some long standing beardies may pose the question.

If you’re new to the idea of Beard Oil, then here’s why it is one of the most awesome things invented and why your bearded life will be better with a bottle of beard oil in it!

  1. It hydrates and moisturises your facial hair

That means your beard will be less frizzy, less wiry and generally smoother, that means a beard that looks more tamed and well groomed. This is why a top beardie tip is to apply your beard oil after a shower to lock in moisture!

(Side note...if you’re washing your beard with normal shampoo you may want to think again and use something specially formulated for your beard like our Luxurious Beard Shampoo)

  1. It softens your beard

Ever had a lady friend complain that your beard was “scratchy” and that it irritated her skin? Well again, beard oil is here to help friend. Top quality beard oils like our Modern Day Duke Superior Beard Growth Oil use high quality moisture rich natural oils such as Argan Oil to condition and soften your beard, making it kissably soft.

  1. It helps reduce irritation and itchiness

A common complaint of many man when they start growing a beard is the irritation and general itchiness that can occur as a side-effect. Formulated with cedarwood and lime, our Modern Day Duke Premium Beard Oil uses natural essential oils and ingredients to act as a naturally antibacterial and soothing agent to reduce itchiness.

  1. It helps keep your beard healthy AND it smells great!

With stronger, healthier, softer facial hair you think it can’t get much more perfect right?! Well our Beard Oils have the added benefit of smelling amazing too!
Go fresh with our cedarwood and lime infused Premium Beard Oil, or go woody and seductive with our Superior Beard Growth Oil - either way your nose will thank you later.

Hopefully this clears up some of the mystery behind arguably the most important part of the bearded man’s grooming routine. Any questions, as always feel free to get in contact with us at;

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