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4 Top Tips for a Perfect Shave

A perfect shave will leave your skin smooth, healthy and supple, but an imperfect shave can leave your skin course, irritated and dry. So, how can you ensure your shave is the former, and not the latter?

Help is at hand, as we at Modern Day Duke have both the products and the know-how to help you achieve shaving perfection.

1: Take a hot shower, or wash your face with warm water.

This will remove dirt, grime and excess oils from your skin, which may otherwise clog your razor and lead to abrasion and nicks.

The heat will open pores and make your hair follicles stand on end. This will help your razor get to the base of the hairs for the closest shave possible.

2: Apply Modern Day Duke pre-shave oil.

Pre-shave oil is an essential tool in your perfect shave toolkit. Apply a few drops to your now warm and clean face, and prepare yourself for the shave of your life. Pre-shave oil is especially formulated to help you achieve the perfect shave in the following ways.

  • Softening facial hair, making it easier to cut. This reduces the “tugging” feeling when shaving.
  • Allows the razor to glide through the hair, ultimately reducing irritation.
  • Forms a protective barrier on the skin, thus keeping your skin soft, hydrated and protecting it from the razor.
  • Reduces razor burn.
  • Pre-shave oil is a light oil that will not clog pores or leave your skin feeling greasy.
  • Moisturises skin, leaving it soft and supple. This is great news for those prone to dry skin.
  • Has the fresh and masculine sent of citrus and neroli.

  • Check out Modern Day Duke Pre-Shave Oil here.

    3: Shave using quality products

    When it comes to the shave itself, it is important to use a quality shaving soap or cream, such as those found in Modern Day Duke’s shaving collection.

    High quality shaving soap, applied with a high-quality badger brush offers many advantages over cheap highstreet creams and gels, especially so when compared to those in aerosol cans.

    Firstly, a quality shave soap will provide more lubrication and cushioning, allowing for a closer, smoother shave with less friction. Aerosol shaving foam can make it difficult for your facial hairs to stand up straight, increasing the chance of the razor dragging across the skin. This can lead to the bane of wet shavers everywhere, razor burn. A quality shaving cream will ensure your follicles are standing upright, ready for a close and irritation free shave.

    Another advantage is that shaving with shave soap is both a time-honoured tradition, and an experience. There is something innately ‘gentlemanly’ about whipping up a lather, more so if using a shaving mug.

    A quality shaving cream is also kinder to the environment than their cheaper aerosol can competitors.

    Check out Modern Day Duke Shaving Soap here

    4: Use a quality aftershave balm.

    The post shave is every bit as important as the pre-shave. Pat your face dry and apply a pea to a 20 pence piece sized amount of a quality aftershave balm.

    The benefits of aftershave balm are numerous, and include;


  • Repairing skin damaged by shaving and helping to promote healing.
  • Helping to keep pores clean and bacteria free.
  • Cooling and soothing irritated skin to help eliminate razor burn.

    Check out Modern Day Duke Aftershave Balm here


    By following this simple guide, and using our quality collection of shaving products, you too can achieve shaving perfection.

    You can see the full range of Modern Day Duke shaving products here

    Prepare for the shave of your life!

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