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Top 6 Tips for reducing shaving rash

The bane of so many men’s lives! The dreaded shaving rash or razor burn as it is also known.

It not only looks terrible but it’s itchy and uncomfortable. You may think that shaving rash is just an irritating part of life, something that you just have to deal with.

But fear not brothers! There is a solution!

In this blog, we’ll look at the top tips for reducing shaving burn once and for all for the shave of your life. You’ll never look back.

  1. Prep work - soften your facial hair

Ideally using a specially formulated shaving oil, although you can substitute baby oil if needs be. Preparing your facial hair by softening it will decrease drag on the individual hairs and help your razor glide through the hairs without tugging at your skin.

  1. Keep your razor in good condition

Change your razor, or blades, frequently. It should not be allowed to get blunt. This will result in both it tugging on your facial hair and you also having to apply extra pressure to get a close enough shave.

  1. Use a shaving cream and shaving brush

A good quality shaving cream like Modern Day Duke Luxurious Shaving Cream will moisturise and hydrate your facial hair and your skin underneath. Using a shaving bowl and brush, whip it up into a lather and apply to your face. It will help form a protective barrier on the skin and reduce shaving friction.

  1. Don’t press too hard

A common cause of shaving rash is simply that you are pressing too hard with your razor on to your delicate skin. Your razor should be sharp enough that you do not need to apply excess pressure in order to get a close shave.

  1. Don’t go over the same area more than once

Another common mistake is trying to get a closer shave by continuing to go over the same area with your razor. This is also one of the most prevalent causes of shaving burn. If you have a sharp razor, prepared facial hair and a good shaving cream, that should be enough to ensure a close shave and you should not need to go over the same area again.

  1. Aftercare

Your final step to getting a clean shave without shaving rash or burn is to apply an aftershave lotion or balm. This will soothe any irritation and close your pores to avoid them becoming clogged.

So there you have it, if you suffer from razor burn or shaving rash, here is a comprehensive step by step guide to ensuring your skin stays soft and smooth. Goodbye spots and irritation!

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