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Top 5 Tips for the Perfect Shave

The perfect shave makes the difference between a look that’s suave and clean and one that’s patchy, bumpy and reminds you of your first shave as a teenager.
Want to shave like a real man? Here are our top 5 tips;
  1. Start with a clean canvas
Always wash your face before a shave. This makes sure the hairs are clean and soft and washes away any dirt or built up dead skin cells.
  1. Use the right equipment
Don’t skimp when it comes to using the right equipment, a workman is only as good as his tools after all. A good razor, shaving bowl, shaving brush and shaving cream are all critical for optimum results. Make sure you look after them all and keep them in good condition.
Shaving equipment
  1. Take your time
You’re crafting you look. This is something you should spend time perfecting, not rush so that you can run out of the house in the morning just in time for work. Allocate yourself some time to enjoy the shave - that awesome jawline of yours is worth it.
Take your time shaving
  1. Shave with the grain & repeat for a closer shave
Shaving in the direction in which your hair grows will help limit irritation. Use light, short strokes and repeat if necessary for a closer shave.
Shaving with shaving cream
  1. Don’t forget your aftercare
Prepare your freshly shaved face to face the day! Do this by by moisturising and using your chosen aftershave to keep your skin soft and form a protective barrier.

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