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Top 3 Tips for a Kissable Beard

Whether you’re single and ready to mingle or there’s a lucky beard-wife in your life - you’ll want to make sure your beard is extra kissable.

Those novices not in the know sometimes stereotype the beard as being “rough” “scratchy” and generally “unkissable”, well my friends, we know those myths to be untrue!! (probably started by some clean shaven foe) and so we’re here to make sure you’ve got all the tips you need to make your beard kissable.

Tip 1) Get your groom on!

Using a good beard brush should be an essential part of your beard maintenance, they are easier to use on longer beards than other brushes or combs. You should brush your beard every day, not only to get rid of any excess dirt but also to evenly distribute your facial hairs’ natural oils throughout your beard. It will also keep your beard looking fresh and help you discover any pesky hairs that might need a trim here and there. Keep an eye on any split ends and make sure you trim them as necessary.

Tip 2) Lather up

Your beard hair needs washing to keep it strong and healthy, just like the hair on your head! However, unlike the hair on your head, you should use a more gentle formulation. Use a few pumps of Modern Day Duke beard wash, lather up your beard and make sure you thoroughly rinse it out, repeat 2-3 times a week to keep your facial hair sleek. Remember - make sure you rinse out your beard shampoo thoroughly otherwise it could have the opposite effect and dry out your beard if residue is left!

Tip 3) Soothe, moisturise and condition

No one wants a dry, coarse beard. No one wants to kiss one either! So this tip is especially important in winter, when the combination of heating and cold weather is drying out that monster mane of yours. Apply Modern Day Duke Beard Oil or Beard Balm daily straight out of the shower and repeat as needed. If your beard is feeling particularly dry, re-apply when necessary throughout the day and before bed. Start at the root and work towards the tip, using your chosen beard brush or comb to ensure even distribution.

Now, don’t blame us if your beard becomes too kissable and it makes your life difficult having to fend off kisses all day. That’s the price you pay for having an awesome beard, my friend.


Kissable Beard

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