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Tattoo Care - How to Care for your Tattoo

Tattoo Care - How to Care for your Tattoo


So, you have just got some new ink and are justly proud of your awesome body art. Naturally you will want to keep it looking at its best, but how?


Fear not fellow inky, Modern Day Duke has the answers.


The first thing to realise is that looking after your new ink involves both looking after the tattoo its self, and the skin it is in. Getting a tattoo is one-part work of art, one-part medical procedure. As with anything that pierces the skin, there is the risk of infection and scarring. Propper tattoo aftercare will minimise these risks, and ensure your ink looks its absolute best for years to come.


Immediate tattoo aftercare.

Your artist should cover your new ink with a thin layer of petroleum ointment and cover this with a bandage or plastic wrap. This is to prevent infection and to stop your clothes from rubbing against it. Infection will damage the skin whilst rubbing could damage the tattoo.


Short term tattoo aftercare

Leave the bandage or wrap on for 24 hours. This will absorb any fluid and excess ink. This fluid is blood plasma, the clear(ish) liquid that your red and white blood cells float in. This is normal, as is a seepage of excess ink.

Gently wash your tattoo with antimicrobial soap and water, then pat dry. Do not scrub dry, you could damage the skin and the tattoo.

Apply a layer of antibacterial ointment, such as Modern Day Duke Tattoo Balm twice a day to prevent infections and scarring, but avoid putting on another bandage.

After cleaning, apply moisturisers, or better yet, Modern Day Duke Tattoo Aftercare Lotion

Keep repeating this process for two to four weeks. Avoid wearing tight fitting clothing that would stick to, or rub against, your tattoo. Try to keep it out of strong sunlight as well, as this may fade the ink. Naturally, you should avoid swimming during this time, but cold showers are fine. Avoid hot water as this will both hurt and fade the ink.

Tattoos may scab over. This is perfectly natural, as is the urge to pick at them when they do. If you value your ink, resist this urge at all costs! Picking the scab will both leave you open to infection and could remove the colour from your tattoo. No one wants a patchy tattoo!

A certain amount of redness and soreness is to be expected, however if your tattoo, or the skin around it starts to look inflamed, infected or otherwise worrisome, then please visit your GP.

Long term aftercare

Once your new body art has healed you can go back to doing things normally. Now is the time to show it off. Continued use of Modern Day Duke Tattoo Balm will keep your tattoos colours bright and sharp. If showing off your ink in the summer, remember to apply a high SPF sunscreen to keep the colours sharp. SPF 45 or above works best.


There you have it, simply follow these simple steps and your awesome new ink will remain looking awesome for years to come.



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