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How to wet shave

Oct 09, 2018
How to wet shave

If you are seeking clean shaven skin that is kissably smooth, there is no alternative to a wet shave.

But not all wet shaves are created equal, and getting the best wet shave possible is one-part science, one-part art. Modern Day Duke has both the tools and the expertise to help you achieve the perfect shave.

The Pre-shave.

Make time for it.

A thorough close shave takes time and should not be rushed. A rushed shave will be an imperfect shave. Not only are you likely to miss spots, you increase the chance of irritation and nicks.

Clean and exfoliate

Cleaning and exfoliating your skin will remove dead skin cells, oil and grime that may cause your facial hair to matt, which would block your razor’s path.

Wash with hot water

Wash your face for three minutes with hot water. Taking a hot shower is ideal. Firstly, this will soften the hair follicles, making it easier for the razor to slice through the hairs. Secondly, your face needs to be wet when you proceed to the shave itself.

The Shave itself

Soak your brush in warm water

This will wet the brush and soften the bristles. Badger brushes, such as those featured in the Modern Day Duke Wet Shaving Shave Brush and Luxury Shave Cream Combination Set and Luxury Shaving Cream and Kent Brush Combination Set, are best as they will absorb the warm water.

Apply a pre-shave oil

Using a few drops of oil, such as Modern Day Duke Premium Beard Oil, on your beard will moisturise and soften the hairs, making the shave easier. It will also act as an antibacterial agent and as a lubricant for your razor.

Apply your shaving cream

Take your brush out of the warm water and let it drip. Once it has finished dripping, gently swirl it into your chosen shaving cream. For best results, use a premium quality shaving cream, such as  Modern Day Duke Luxurious Traditional Shaving Cream - Citrus & Neroli (100ml). Now apply using a gentle circular motion until all the areas you wish to shave are covered in lather.

1st pass - Shave with the grain

Holding your razor at a 30-degree angle, shave with the grain of your facial hair.

Using a high quality razor, such as that featured in the Modern Day Duke Black and Chrome Shaving Set with Luxury Shave Cream Combination, will make a tremendous difference here. A sharper razor will shave more effectively, swiftly and minimise irritation.

Whilst shaving, make sure you;

  • Avoid going too quickly or pressing too hard with such a high-end razor. Not only is it unnecessary, it may leave a nick – high end razors are sharp!
  • Use short straight strokes on flat surfaces, such as your cheeks. These strokes should stop short of a contoured surface, such as your jaw line. Contoured surfaces should be shaved using their own strokes.
  • Avoid going over the same area twice, as this will increase the chance of irritation.
  • Rinse the blade after each stroke to prevent it becoming clogged.
  • When you have finished, inspect your handywork.
  • If you wish for an even closer shave, then re lather with your brush and shave cream and repeat the process, this time shaving against the grain.


Once you are happy that your skin is perfectly smooth, rinse off any remaining shave cream using cold water. This will help to close your pours, preventing dirt and oil from filling them.

Now apply after-shave or moisturiser. Not only will this leave you smelling great, it moisturises and protects your skin, thus compensating for the loss of hair and dead skin cells. Avoid using alcohol based after-shaves. Not only do they burn, they promote the secretion of oils and thus ingrown hair follicles.

Now gently pat dry with a clean towel. No rubbing! Rubbing causes irritation!

Finally, wash and put away your brush and razor to prevent them becoming clogged. If you keep looking after your tools, they will keep looking after you.  

And that is the secret to the perfect shave.

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