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How to use Beard Oil

Mar 06, 2018
How to use Beard Oil

So you’ve just got your first bottle of Modern Day Duke Beard Oil, but you’re new to this and want to know how to use beard oil to get the most from it.

The truth is, it isn’t that tricky but it’s worth remembering a few golden rules.

  1. Start with less and add more if necessary.

You can always put more on, but it’s going to be tricky to get rid of any excess if you apply too much. Start with 2 pumps to begin with for a short beard and 3-4 for a longer beard. Apply more if necessary.

2) Work from root to tip.

Starting at the root, work outwards massaging your beard oil through as you go. Pay extra attention to any problem areas that may be extra wiry.

3) Distribute the oil evenly.

Our top tip for this one is to use a beard comb. A beard comb will make sure the oil it spread evenly from root to tip and you aren’t going to get some areas that are over-saturated whilst other areas are dry.

4) Apply after a shower

The most critical time to apply your beard oil is after a shower. This will help lock in their moisture and keep your beard soft and hydrated. Many people also benefit from applying it twice a day.

So that’s it! Follow these few simple steps and you’ll find that your beard becomes stronger, softer and healthier. You can thank us later ;-).

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