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How to Grow a Beard Faster

How to Grow a Beard Faster


Whether you are aiming to grow a neat little goatee or a bush that would make Brian Blessed proud, becoming a beardie takes time. If you are starting from square one – i.e. completely clean shaven, you will first have to push through the dreaded ‘growing out’ stage, the bane of every beardie.

But do not dismay, Modern Day Duke is here to help! We will share the tricks of the trade to help you grow your beard faster.



Removing dead skin cells will stimulate those follicles to grow new hair. For best results, use an exfoliant or scrub designed for men.


Keep your skin clean

Grime, sweat and oil can create a barrier, which is difficult for your hair follicles to grow through. To remove this, wash your face regularly with a gentle face cleanser. Avoid using regular soap as it can be harsh on your face and dry out your skin.


Hydrate your skin

After you wash, apply moisturising facial lotion to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. This will stop dead skin cells from filling in your follicles. A clogged-up follicle is a slow to no growing follicle.


Eat healthy, drink healthy, live healthy, sleep healthy

You are what you eat, and so is your beard. Ensure your diet is rich in vitamin A, C, E, protein, oily fish and remember to drink plenty of water. Get plenty of sleep and exercise too, as this will boost testosterone production, which in turn promotes hair growth.


Stop shaving

You have probably been told that shaving your beard will make it grow back thicker and faster. This is a myth. All shaving will do is make it take even longer to grow out your mane. The best thing you can do is to put down the razor and let it grow.


Beard growth oil

A strong and healthy beard is a fast-growing beard! Daily use of beard growth oil, such as Modern Day Duke’s Superior Beard Growth Oil, will promote superior beard growth. The oil will wake up dormant hairs, thus maximising the volume of your mane. For maximum results combine with a beard brush.


Grow it evenly

No one wants a patchy beard, but not all of us beadies are blessed with a full set of cooperative follicles. Beard growth oil comes to the rescue once again, as regular use will encourage those reluctant follicles to keep up with their neighbours. The result, a beard that grows rapidly and evenly, with no beard bald patches.


Comb it daily

Using a beard comb will prevent clumps and knots, making your beard appear full and even. A comb will also help you to apply beard balms more evenly throughout your beard, ensuring no hair is left behind.


Nourish your beard

Now that your beard has started growing, you will want to nourish it to keep it growing at its best. Beard Balms, such as Modern Day Duke Deluxe Beard Balm will create the perfect conditions to maintain healthy beard growth. Our beard balm is rich in the vitamin E your beard needs. Less breakage will make your mane look both thicker and longer faster.


So, there you are. Follow these nine simple steps and you will be on your way to becoming a full-fledged beardie.

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