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Beard Care Products you Need to Try

Every beardie knows that the mane on their face is at least as important as the hair on their head. But not everyone knows how to best care for their beloved fuzz. One fact that is often overlooked, is that facial hair is different from head hair, and thus requires its own products to keep it healthy and looking its best.

Modern Day Duke knows these differences in texture, strength and porosity intimately. Below, we have listed the products every passionate beardie needs to try to achieve the perfect mane.

Beard Growth Oil

Whether you are growing your beard from a clean shaven ‘square one’, or adding inches to your existing fuzz, Beard growth oil is your new best friend. A high quality beard oil, such as Modern Day Duke Superior Beard Growth Oil and Modern Day Duke Premium Beard Oil will maximise epic and even beard growth.

Even growth is vital, as a patchy beard is the bane of any hirsute gent. Beard growth oil can remedy this too, by encouraging those stubborn follicles to grow as well as their more cooperative neighbours.

Beard Wash

Since facial hair is different from head hair, standard shampoo is not ideal for use on your mane. Instead, you really must try a dedicated beard shampoo, such as Modern Day Duke Luxurious Beard Wash. A beard wash is specially formulated to clean your facial hair gently and without stripping away it’s natural oils, which it needs to retain to stay strong and grow healthily.

Styling Products

A well styled beard will look just as appealing as a well styled haircut. Standard hair products are unsuitable. What your beard needs is a speciality beard balm, such as Modern Day Duke Beard Balm, or for the truly discerning beardie, Modern Day Duke Deluxe Beard Balm. A beard balm will provide great hold and control, allowing you to sculpt your mane to the shape you desire. What’s more, Modern Day Duke beard balms are formulated with natural ingredients which nourish and condition facial hair, leaving your beard kissably soft.

These ingredients include cedarwood and lime, which possess natural antibacterial properties to keep pores clear, and relieve the dry skin that can otherwise lead to the dreaded ‘beard itch’.

Beard Brushes

Facial hair is courser than scalp hair, whilst your face is more delicate than your scalp. As such standard brushes are not ideal. Paradoxically, they tend to be both too soft for your beard and too harsh for your face.

A purpose designed boar bristle beard brush is the solution, such as the Modern Day Duke Handmade Beard Brush, or for truly unruly manes, The Monster Beard Brush.

Beard Combs

For fine grooming of your beard, moustache, sideburns or bushy eyebrows, a true gent should not be without a moustache and beard comb, such as that featured in Modern Day Duke’s Beard Comb with Deluxe Beard Balm Set and Beard Comb with Premium Beard Balm Set.

Small, portable and with a handle designed to allow fine control, a beard comb will keep your facial hair on point all day.

So, try these products today, and become the envy of your bearded compatriots for years to come.

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