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7 Tattoo Ideas that will make you want your next Tattoo ASAP

New year, new ink! Itching for your next session but not quite sure what to go for? We’ve got you covered… Check out these awesome designs for some inspiration.

Show everyone you wear your heart on your sleeve. Literally.
Tattoo Care Balm Lotion Heart                  
(Photo by Allef Vinicius)
    Carry your love of the beach everywhere you go/ remind yourself there are parts of the world where it isn’t always raining.
    Tattoo Care Balm Lotion Palm                                    
    (Photo by Adrian Sava)
      Get that compass to keep you on track.
      Tattoo Care Lotion Balm Compass Pineapple                         
      (Photo by Marvin Meyer)

      Embrace the lone wolf within.
      Tattoo Care Balm Lotion Wolf               
      (Photo by Angel Monsanto III)
        Use your anchor to find stability in choppy waters. 
        Tattoo Care Lotion Balm Anchor               
        (Photo by Miguel Constantin Montes)
          Map out your next adventure. 
          (Photo by Don Ross III)
            Just go for it and get that sweet sleeve you’ve been thinking about.
             Tattoo Care Balm Lotion Sleeve Ideas                               
            (Photo by Tanja Heffner)

              Whatever you do… protect that ink, help it heal and keep it looking fresh with Modern Day Duke Tattoo Care.

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